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Barbi Powers

Barbi Powers


My passion for personal growth finds its home in the studio where I strive to evoke intellectual, emotional and transcendent awareness, and to forge connections between movement and meaning, and to seek communally the deepest and purest idea of truth.


With a strong focus on alignment, awareness and breath I work to change habitual patterns and minimize imbalances in the body that lead to injury and discomfort. Using a lot of hands on adjustments to guide the body as well as verbal cues, we work towards a unified approach to holistic health. Focus on breath and concentration trains the mind to stay on task and alleviates mental distractions and many forms of anxiety and depression. By working one on one with clients, we build a practice to target your personal goals both within the body and mind so you can achieve the happiness and health that you deserve.


I bring my love of wellness and my passion for movement together with the beautiful people I get the opportunity to know and nurture through the practice of yoga.


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“Barbi’s genius is that she knows exactly what you need to work on before you say a word. She surgically applies her knowledge to help me meet my goals. She has a great knowledge base of yoga, Pilates and fitness training. We focus on yoga, and that is a particular strength of Barbi’s, but she often uses her extensive understanding of conditioning which helps me to advance my yoga practice”

-S, Margolin

“We have worked with Barbi twice a week for over two years and we look forward to our private yoga sessions as she has been able to keep the classes fresh and relevant and we have benefitted greatly from our classes.  She takes the time to prepare for each session and makes sure that she introduces us to new asanas regularly.  She has an uncanny ability to read our bodies and adapts her class to address our needs for that day.  Barbi is one of the best yoga instructors we have worked with and we would recommend her without any hesitation.  Hardworking,  excellent yoga instructor, intuitive, very punctual, sensitive and caring, fun to be with!”

-Sunil and Pamela

“Barbi is a superb trainer. She has helped me with dance and my yoga practice immensely. Her eye for form, fabulous creativity, patience, encouragement and movement knowledge make her the best trainer I’ve ever had.”

-Lenny Reisner